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Sunday Aug 08, 2021

Elizabeth May celebrates her retirement as Green Party Leader. We talk about the Green Economy, the much-needed destruction of Canada's Oil & Gas industry in Alberta, and boxed wine. Elizabeth also tells us how she came up with the ingenious Green Party name and her opinion on the new leader Annamie Paul. (There are moments later in this episode that need proper context: Elizabeth May was speaking negatively about Conservatives ONLY - not Canadians or Green party supporters as a whole.)

Thursday Aug 05, 2021

John Tory fell victim to a Terrorist Attack last week. There are many who witnessed this traumatic event of our Mayor having his entree interrupted by right wing extremists. The trauma has left Canadians and Torontonians stunned and horrified.  Many are double booking their therapy appointments, our host included. Thankfully our guest Dr. McCallister guides us through effective recovery strategies.  We also hear from Katrina who now suffers from shell shock after witnessing the attack.

Tuesday Jul 20, 2021

Our honourable guest, Chip Lardoque has saved countless lives this past year during the pandemic by staying inside for over 487 consecutive days. We ask Chip where his inspiration, perseverance and courage comes from.  From his experience grinding in the World of Warcraft (MMORPG) to empty Pepsi bottles, energy drinks, and taking care of his cats we delve into the trenches with an awe inspiring Great Canadian Hero.

Monday Jul 12, 2021

Kevin Stringer the Chief Administrative Officer of the RCMP reflects on the Nova Scotia shooting a year later.  Unanswered questions remain but the flawless response to this tragedy is still resulting in big promotions for people within the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. Lieutenant Stringer also shares his Expert knitting advice, a Sun Flower Dress, and outlines the crucial steps the RCMP is taking to prioritize sex politics to improve their approach to National Defence in Canada.

Wednesday Jul 07, 2021

We sit down with Jessica Laurencian, Ryerson University Professor, to discuss her trauma in reaction to statues of historic figures. Being 1/128th Canadian Indigenous she reveals the white supremacist neo-nazi history of statues in Roman times and provides details on her training course to help others use the oculus device in their face to "look away" from triggering monuments.   For more podcasts like this visit

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